While we work to ensure that the 1,400 children and families who receive our Youth Case Management services continue to receive treatment, youth are now no longer receiving SSP funding in our group homes, which paid for a youth’s room and board when their parents or guardians could not.  Since Medicaid and other insurance options do not cover this fee, we have been providing small scholarships for these youth to ensure they’re able to continue their stay and be successful with their treatment goals. 

Because of these unforeseen needs, we launched our first annual campaign this year to raise money for youth scholarships.  A scholarship not only funds room and board in one of our group homes, it can pay for many services when a parent cannot.  As we work through this difficult time in state funding, scholarships are a vital part of a child’s treatment.  Our campaign, titled #YDoI, features a video of a young woman named Faith who is a YDI client and shares what it’s like living with mental illness.  Working with Faith to produce this video was inspirational and a reminder of the courage many of our clients have.  She asks herself multiple times throughout the video, “Why do I self-harm?”, or “Why do I use drugs to cope?”  In response, we titled the campaign ‘#YDoI’.

Faith showed incredible strength speaking out; you can show your strength in supporting youth like her.  Your donation will directly support youth like Faith and ensure all kids we serve are successful and reach their full potential.

What a scholarship provides:

$500 - provides over a week of treatment for an entire family from a support team

$250 - pays for a youth’s stay in a group home for 5 days

$120 - funds 2 days of a child’s stay in foster care

$50 - provides 2 hours of 1x1 mentoring for a child

Case Management and our Therapeutic Youth Group Homes, two of our most important services will be highly impacted by recent State budget cuts now and over the next year.

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